How To Create Image Comparison Function On My Blog

Create Image Comparison function On WordPress Blog

Create Image Comparison function On wordpress Blog

Easily you can do add function on your wordpress blog website . I am showing to you on my trick. i am using Twenty Twenty default theme. It’s most popular wordpress themes.

Embed Before and After Image Comparison. Have you ever experienced image comparison where you can slide to the right to see the before and to the left for the after? If you want to display something like that on your website, you can install TwentyTwenty. This plugin is based on Zurb TwentyTwenty. The plugin introduces a new short code ”  [twentytwenty] "where you can add two images to compare. I hope you are completely understand. if you don’t understand properly. Please Comment the post or Contact Us . Our technical Team contact to with you very soon.

Create Image Comparison function On wordpress Blog.

Compatibility: You need to WordPress 3.5.1 or higher

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