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Do you sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement)?


How can we pay: 2checkout, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal?

We use 2checkout basic as our default payment system. So you can pay us using your paypal,visa, MasterCard account or using your credit card supported on paypal.

What is your hourly basis rates?

We have different hourly rates depending on technologies or type of work:

  • For PSD to HTML (Frontend Developer) – 10 USD per hour
  • For PSD to WordPress (WordPress Developer) – 12 USD per hour
  • For wordpress, joomla and PHP etc – 15 USD per hour
  • For Shopify – 20$ per hour

Is it possible to have a specific personal contact or do we have to mail/talk with different persons?

Yes, Your project will be assigned to a specified team and persons. You will be in touch with 2-3 peoples from the team. They are Marketing executive who will assist you for payments other such things, Project Manager or Project Co-ordinator who will be managing and responsible for delivery of your project, The developers who will be working on your project. Normally you are in communication with Marketing and Project management team but you can\’t be in direct touch with development team or developers working on your project. Also we have centralized project management system in our work process and we manages all our communication related to project with our client right on PMS. so if there is any message or feedback or any instruction you just need to put it in PMS and development will automatically get it. When Dev team has any updates or message for you they will put the message in PMS and you will get the notification in for update in PMS in your email inbox.

What currency do you work with?

All prices are in USD (United States Dollar)

What if we are not satisfied with your service?

If you are not satisfied by our service we guarantee to issue you a full refund when you request.

What is the use of Signing an NDA (non disclosure agreement)

If you don’t want your design to be shown in our portfolio or for personal references, we are willing to sign an NDA to protect your rights.

Give a brief introduction about your work style?

We are available 24 X 7 for friendly and customer support in all working days.
If you require time-line adjustments, we can look into the possibility of speed up delivery and possibly weekend work.

What are the supplementary services offered by you to your clients?

  • PRINT VERSION CSS – Separate CSS files for Printers and Handheld devices.
  • Flexible Layout – Layout re-sized upon changing browser window’s sizes. Select this option for the layout should automatically resize to fill the browser window.
  • Resizable Fonts – Allows users to resize font all over the page without breaking layout.
  • sIFR / cufon – Allows using custom fonts instead of few web-fonts. It is a technique that allows usage of non web-safe fonts on the web site.

Can you convert old HTML into valid XHTML/CSS?

Yes, we could convert old HTML into valid XHTML/CSS. Send us your old files/links or contact us to discuss in detail.t.

Who are the end users of these services?

  • Beginner who wants great designs converted into Website.
  • Designer who needs PSD pages coded quickly and efficiently to high quality, cross-browser compatible valid XHTML/ CSS markup.
  • Programmers who need CSS for WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Squarespace themes and shopping cart associated solutions.

What is W3C valid Markup/Css?

When a site meets W3C standards, it is like an approval of the main Web guidelines, specifications, and tools, including HTML and CSS. Our work is always 100% validated HTML/XHTML & CSS.

What is Smarterdevs?

The Smarterdevs is a company which has potential to transform any format including AI, JPEG, EPS, GIF, CDR, PNG or PSD into HTML, XHTML or CSS with search engine friendly, cross browser compatible and W3C valid Markup/CSS. Furthermore, it integrates HTML/CSS in CMS as per your requirement at much affordable price. With JavaScript, allowing the development of enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. As soon as, our clients provide us their designs / files / images, the transformation process begins.

How much you cost for installing the website once the development complete?

If we have developed your website. We will not charge any bucks for installing this website on your server. But you just came to us and requesting to install any website on any server. we will just charge your $50 USD for installation.

Can you do design+HTML+Integration+Installation completely in one package?

Yes, we do all these in one package. Also FYI, if we are doing Design+HTML+Integration then installation of website on your server is always free of charge.

I already have my website and I need it updating, can you help me?

Yes of course, we can update it and will provide you instruction for this work..

Do you redesign the existing website?

Yes, we have very creative design professionals here. Just email us. When reviewing the website you will realize that we are very much capable in redesign your website.

Can you provide asymptotic/anonymous url for showing update?

Yes, we have asymptotic/anonymous url but we only provide updates on that white label url on request of our clients.

Will website design be 'search engine' friendly?

Yes, we follow seo semantic coding standard and all our work we do is search engine friendly.

Once website development completed, what after sales service do you have?

When your website is finished and we made it live on your server. we provide 30 days free support to you so if you feel any problem within this period you can get back to us and we will provide you quick support on the matter. Also after 30 days period over, we are always here to provide you support if you face any problem but that will be chargeable.

Do you accept only PSD file for HTML conversion?

We accept a wide range of files for html conversion. The file format we accept are PNG, JPEG, TIFF, AI, GIF and PSD. We can PSD to WordPress, Html to wordpress.

How many page-designs are included when ordering a magento-template package?

It depends on your requirement but if you would not specify the unique design for inner/sub pages then we integrate default pages layout to all pages of website.

I would like to design my site, what do I need to do now?

If you want to design your site then please fill up website planner so that we will be clear for your requirement or just give us instruction for it. Before starting the work, you are requested to pay as per our payment terms.

If one provide PSD in different language, then will it work?

Yes, we have done lots of work in different language PSD file. The way we use in such situation is we ask information about each and every section and also we use Google translator to understand the language and sections designed in the PSD. So that’s not a problem if client (you) is co-operative.

Can your company deliver the turn key solution to take our PSD files, and deliver a fully connected front/backend for the client. So not just delivering the html template back, but full integration?

Sure, we are working for different CMS and eCommerce system and we are also expert in Core Development. So you just need to send us your requirement and we will deliver you as per requested.

If we have our own internal format in terms of folder organization/management and CSS structure, would you follow that?

Yes of course, We can follow your folder organization and css structure. but FYI we also have our own folder organization and css structure.

What is your average turnaround time once you have the PSD files?

1 days for Home page and 4 hours for each simple inner page. But the timeline may vary depending on complexity of the design.

Does your work include a support for IE6?

Yes, We do developed website which are IE6 compatible. But as this require more effort we ask a little extra bucks to make your website compatible to IE6. You can choose that option when you are ordering your project using our online order form.

Can I choose you to design mysite and use my own web hosting?

Definitely Yes, You can choose us to design & develop your website and you are independent to choose your web hosting provider. But in case you don’t have web hosting services already. We can recommend you one for sure.

How long does it take to have a website developed and launched?

It depends on the complexity of the website but for a simple 5 page website it normally take 9 days including HTML conversion.

How much does website cost?

It depends on the requirement basically. Simple page design cost 100 USD and inner page design cost 50 USD. And a complete package of 1 home page and 4 inner page is $300 USD. Also HTML conversion is additional and cost 50 USD for Home page design and 25 USD for each inner page.

What does a WordPress template cost?

WordPress template cost 150 USD and it takes 4 business days in standard.

What does a Magento template cost?

Magento template cost 399 USD and it takes 9 business days in standard.

Do you work with 960 or Blueprint grid frameworks?

We have experience of 960 GS and Blueprint. We have chopped few website in that frameworks, even right now we are working on 2 websites which are being coded in 960 grid system.

What CMS/Blog software do you offer to work with?

WordPress, Joomla, Magento, opencart  and Drupal. These three are our recommendation but if you want us to work on any other CMS, there is no problem for our developers. We are core developers, so there is no problem if there is any CMS or blog software which is very new and we need to understand or learn it.

Do you offer a service for filling a CMS with content? You will get a textfile with Headline, Copytext and picture declaration. What do you charge for such a service?

Currently we don’t provide such service. but if we get continuous work or any commitment for ongoing work, then we can definitely manage or hire someone here to such work for you.

Is there any training you provide on how to manage cms or ecommerce backoffice/backend/admin panel?

Yes, Normally we provide PDF or Word Doc file to outline the uses and instructions on how to use backoffice to manage front end of your website. But if you are willing to get a training directly by any senior project developer or project manager, we can arrange that also.

Do you suggest best CMS and eCommerce according to the work?

Yes of course, that is what we have answered in above 2 questions. No one choose best cms in the list but definitely someone can suggest a best CMS for any ecommerce or cms website by reviewing the scope or work and functionalities it is going to cover.

Which is the best eCommerce?

The answer for that is similar to above question’s answer.

Which is the best CMS?

No one can suggest a best CMS as all the available open source are best in terms of feature, functionalities, robust and programming architecture. But if it come to us to suggest a CMS for a project by reviewing the functionalities and scope of the project. we can definitely suggest one best for that particular project. So choosing best is not possible but definitely we can choose best CMS platform for any specific project.

Do you provide help doc for managing content from admin end?

We provide help doc with proper instruction that will help you understand the methods of managing front end of your website.

Are you working on latest versions of CMS and eCommerce?

We always work on latest version of CMS and eCommerce. But if you think your project require lowest/past version, that’s also not a problem you just need to inform us in that case.

Do you offer discounts on two or more projects submitted at once?

We can provide you flat 15% discount on your second project if you will submit at the same time or in any future date.

Do you offer any type of discount?

Yes, we do offer promotional discounts. we normally have the offers running all around the year. so whenever you are coming to us you can find us advertising the promotions on our website. Other than that if you are giving your second order to us, you can avail flat 15% discount on your order value.

Do you provide invoice for payment/transaction?

Yes, we do provide invoice to you for any transaction you made to us on paypal or in our bank using wire transfer if you request us. But if you are ordering any project online using our online order form, you will get the invoice for payment/transaction automatically when you complete your order.

What are the different modes of accepting the payment?

We have different modes of payment. You can pay us via paypal, Credit Cards & Wire Transfer direct to our bank account.

How much payment must be deposit for starting the project?

It only depends upon the cost of the project. You need to follow our payment policy for starting the project. Read answer of above question to know about our payment policies.

What are you payment policies?

We simply follow 4 tier payment policy. Which is as below:


  • If you want us to work directly on your own server or if you want that we send files over to you each time we have any update to show you or if you want that we send you final files right after the job is finished without waiting for payment approval or any other headaches. For this you would require to pay us all amount upfront i.e 100% advance. If that term is not clear feel free to contact us.


  • Also we request you to pay 100% upfront amount by you in favor of Smarterdevs if your ORDER VALUE is less than $100 USD.


  • You just need to pay 10% upfront amount in favor of Smarterdevs if your ORDER VALUE is more than $100 USD and less than $500 USD.


  • You would require to pay 50% upfront amount in favor of Smarterdevs if your ORDER VALUE is more than $500 USD.

Do you need us to talk or voice chat before starting project?

It\’s not mandatory. Normally projects are pretty simple and we are capable good enough to understand any complex level of requirement over emails. But if we feel or you think that requirement are complex and must require a voice conference. Then we always welcome our client\’s call or love to call them on their preferred time schedule.t.

Do I need to send deposit for work?

Yes, We ask for upfront deposit to start working on your project. But we do understand our client’s situation and risk so we only ask to pay 10% upfront deposit at least.

What happen when i complete your order form?

When you complete our order form you will receive confirmation email from paypal for your upfront payment as well order confirmation from with your order summery. After that one our project management team will review the project and will in touch with you via email to confirm you the timeline and also he/she will create your project in our project management system (PMS). Here in PMS you can keep track of your conversation and milestones of your project. Here only you will get timely updates for your project.

What is the minimum and maximum time period to hire dedicated developer?

Minimum commitment period is 1 week and maximum has no limit.

How many dedicated developer can you provide at a time?

The number you are looking to hire, we are able to fulfill that work force. We normally have reliable, honest and dedicated developers available at our office. But if we don’t have resource available we can hire the developers anytime.

How many years of experienced developers do you have?

We have dedicated developer from 1 year to 5 years. In terms of profile, They can work as Assistant Developer, Software Developer, Senior Developer, Project Leader, Project Co-ordinator and Project Manager.

What are the area of work for dedicated developer?

They can work for HTML Newsletters, XHTML, HTML5 & CSS, any CMS ( WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Opencart ) , any eCommerce , PHP, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR and Flash Media Servers etc. Other than that we are also very much proficient in Logo & Website Designing services.

Is it possible to hire dedicated developer for hourly basis in our time zone?

No, we can not provide dedicated developer for hourly basis in your time zone. But if your timezone matches ours or its nearby to +5:30 GMT, we can surely provide you dedicated developer on hourly basis..

Can we hire dedicated developer according to our timezone?

Yes, you can hire the dedicated as per your time zone but it will cost you more and you must hire him at least for one month for full time.

How the Smarterdevs differs from other web developing companies?

We have a team of dedicated and professional developers who knows customer/client is the king to be targeted for which we provide high quality service on time at affordable prices.

Some of the points which make us different are as follows:

  • Professionalism.
  • Transparency.
  • 24×7 Availability
  • Honesty, Transparency and Commitments are our tonic
  • Ready to sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)


An outsource work to an Indian company will be advantageous. How?

Outsourcing project to an Indian company will be advantageous in following ways:

  • High quality services at affordable prices.
  • Focus on your other projects
  • Make faster deliveries to customers
  • Get access to specialized services
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Benefit from time zone advantages
  • 30 Days Technical Support Available

What factors should be taken into consideration while hiring a XHTML/CSS team?

  • When you are opting to hire a XHTML/CSS team from an IT firm there are certain things you need to keep in mind.
  • What are the wide-range of professional IT resources are available?
  • What are the quality standards a firm adopts for their clients?
  • What is there availability at the time of emergency?
  • How transparent is there working style?
  • Complete control over your projects flow from starting to end.

Why one should hire a web developer?

* Qualified programmers to work with you.
* Multitalented in newly developed programming.
* Good quality development skills.
* Affordable rate that is within your budget.
* Programmers will work as your in-house team.
* Complete control over your projects flow from starting to end.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact us through email, skype, web contact form, live chat or through phone.

What is your customer service turnaround time ?

We endeavor to respond to all queries and concerns within 24 hours.

Do you provide after the sales support ?

Yes. We provide after the sales support for up to 30 days.